RevarLCD Control Box Assembly

Revar's LCD Control Box Assembly Instructions


This is the custom made box that I designed to hold the LCD and KEYPAD16 for the Revar LCD control panel. This box is designed to only need two screws to stay together, but you can add more to make it sturdier, or if your parts are too loose. The pictures below show a version without the extra T-slots and screwholes. The laser cutting files are designed for 1/8" tempered hardboard wood. If you need to use metric sizes, try to find the hardboard in 3mm, and try using M3 x 10mm screws and nuts instead of the #6 screws and nuts.


Take the bottom plate, and slip the front and back panels into it.


Optionally place #6-32 nuts in the T-slots, and use 3/8" #6-32 screws to attach the panels more securely.

Insert the side panels into the side bottom slots leaning at an angle.


Line up the front and back panel tabs with the side panel slots, and tilt the side panels up to slide over the tabs.


Optionally place #6-32 nuts in the T-slots on the back panel, and use 3/8" #6-32 screws to attach the side panels more securely.

Attach the electronics to the front panel, and attach the Mini-DIN connector to one of the side panels.


Wire the electronics up as described in RevarLCD Assembly.


Place the front panel on the main box and attach it with 3/8" #6-32 screws and nuts.


Attach rubber feeties to the bottom of the box, so it won't slide around when you press the buttons.

Hook up to your reprap motherboard based fabber.

Celebrate computer-less fabbing. :)

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