MakerBotting Robots

I, for one, believe there should be more "robot" things in the MakerBot community. Sure, there are actual robot parts and even a few things that when assembled are in fact working robots … but where are models and images of the robots that inspired us/dared us to make robots in the first place?

There are a few, and there will be more: here is a place to post links to "robot" things from as well as to collect other useful resources helpful this effort.

Because, frankly, making a robot on your robot….what could be better? "Favorite Robots" Drawables

A series of g-code releases of plottable/drawable "favorite robots." Kick-started by Mifga, but intended to be extended/revised/and re-ordered at will. Rather than ranking these, I'd suggest you get your favorite robot in there by grabbing an image (line drawings are easiest to process!), auto-trace (or hand-trace) them in Inkscape, Illustrator, or, export a DXF, cleaning it up & explode it in QCAD (even the free demo edition), and then use the scribbles tools linked in this wiki to generate the g-code needed for the release. While many of these listed below are for the MakerBot Unicorn Pen Plotter, feel free to adapt them to the Frostruder or other pen plotter tools.

Famous Robots

R2-D2 & C-3PO (Thing: 4275)

Robots Robots Roll-Call

Keepon (Thing: 4275) Robot Things to Make

Here's a link to a tag list for "robot" — please update below as more appear there, and make sure to tag things as you recognize them as "robot."

MakerBot Defender by DemonDust (thing: 2993)

Mr Roboto by dataman

Lovable Google Android! by Xtremd
And its derivatives:

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