Sailfish Firmware - Leveling Issue

The initial release of the Sailfish firmware for Replicator 1's has an issue with the behavior of the leveling script. Because of this, the firmware has temporarily been withdrawn.

The symptoms, which were well analyzed and described by Doogiekr, are as follows:

  1. Power on the bot, and run the levelling script. The nozzle is a bit high by about 1 mm. You then level the plate everywhere bringing it closer to the nozzle.
  2. You then print and lo and behold, that plate is now far too close to the nozzle and in fact can jam the nozzle into the build plate damaging the build plate or the nozzle!

If you are using Sailfish for the Replicator 1, then you can use the levelling script as long as you first do a soft reset first

  1. Connect from RepG over USB
  2. Go to Machine > Onboard Preferences
  3. Press the Commit button (no need to change any values)

Then level as normal

  1. Heat up the build platform
  2. Run the levelling script. The nozzles should be their normal (close) distance from the build platform.

You can, if you want, first run the homing script to see where the nozzles normally end up relative to the build platform. I prefer to first manually slide the extruder out of the way of the build platform since that script first homes Z and then X & Y.

If you wish to fall back to MBI's 6.0 firmware, in Replicator G, change your download URL to Then let RepG update itself and then install 6.0. You should first take a screen snapshot of your Onboard Preferences (primarily all the homing offsets). You can then, after installing 6.0, reset the bot to "Factory Defaults" from RepG's Machine > Onboard Preferences.

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