Sf47 And 5d And Accel without Gen4 interface

Here's a short tutorial on how to get in on the 5D and Acceleration fun!

  • Obtain Jetty's latest firmware and his modified ReplicatorG build (he has windows and unix available, download his github repository and build for linux)
  • Follow the instructions here to download the firmware to your motherboard using the modified RepG
  • Download my zipfile from here
  • Unzip it somewhere, and from the modified RepG open acc.gcode
  • Build!
  • Now download ReplicatorG 0031 Beta from replicat.org and install it
  • Copy the thingomatic5D.xml file from my zipfile to the machines directory
  • Copy the profile directory from my zipfile to .replicatorg/sf_47_profiles (wherever that is on your machine, it's in your home dir on linux)
  • Slice and print something!

This profile is set up for 0.3mm slice, and 100mm/s A rate. If you want to go faster (I can't right now, I'm working on extruder mods and waiting on a bearing), then you can increase both flow rate and feed rate in the Speed tab in skeinforge to something higher (some are using 150) in the skeinforge profile .. but then you need to repeat the modified RepG sequence, changing the M203 line A value to match whatever you put in the skeinforge profile. You don't need the entire acc.gcode file, just the M203 and the last M200 line (I made a second file with just those two lines while experimenting).

Other hints I've gleaned from google groups and elsewhere:

  • print at 240-245 (only with MK7!! not safe with PTFE feed on MK6!!)
  • reset the bot between prints
  • the A axis is reversed when printing 5D! invert in MB pref!
  • go into the Dimension tab, and reduce Retraction Distance from 2mm to 0.25mm
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