Skeinforge Calibration Logs

If you've had great success optimizing skeinforge settings for your Makerbot, this is a place to share your methods.

Since every Makerbot has unique settings, I think it will be far more beneficial for new/frustrated users to follow along with a proven process to better understand the relationships between parameters. If new users start a log as they begin calibrating, they will be able to troubleshoot any problems by sharing their prior methods with advanced users.

It can be helpful to label each print. Blue painter tape and a sharpie works nicely for this.

Nick Starno's Calibration Log:
(Getting there, not yet perfected.)

-Photos and files of each step available for download here
-"Default" settings based on this version
-Gcode files are for using the Skeinview feature in Skeinforge, allowing you to veiw what the tool path looks like. More info available on the skeinforge wiki

I hope this can be useful to others:

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