2010/01/25 At the moment, this is a WIP. Please watch for updates, screen shots, etc. I needed to start somewhere and wanted to get some thoughts set out before I lost them.

2010/01/27 So for the record, SU 7.0 would export .kmz, the .kmz could be opened as a zip, and the .dae inside imported and scaled within blender….
Upgrading to 7.1 it appears something was changed, and the exported .dae does not work so well in blender.. (seems to be divided into smaller parts rather that one complete part…. )

I am going to abandon this page, and perhaps add my thoughts to this page instead.

I had hoped to find a path did not require ruby scripts… oh well.

  • Create object in SketchUp
  • Reduce to a single object or group of object to be printed together.
  • Explode any Components or Groups
  • Export 3D model to .dae
  • Import .dae (v1.4) into Blender
    • Select Object (left click)
    • Scale Object (keyboard short cut -> n)
  • Export .stl from blender
  • Process with SkeinForge
  • Print.
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