Thing-O-Matic Assembly

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Building the X stage should take approximately 30 minutes.

Parts list

These are the parts you'll need to assemble the X stage. All laser-cut parts should have their names etched into them. Find and put aside these parts:

  • Laser-cut stage parts
    • Build platform
    • X top
    • X front
    • X back
    • X idler
    • X rib
    • X clamp
  • 16 M3x16mm bolts
  • 16 M3 nuts
  • 4 3/8" self-aligning bearings
  • 272 tooth continuous timing belt
  • 1 stepper motor
  • 1 motor pulley
  • 1 idler pulley


Tape Slots

Tape each side of each t-slot with clear tape. Insert a nut into the t-slot. Tape the other side of the t-slot with clear tape. This will save you a lot of time during the assembly process!

Insert Press Fit Bearings

These should snap right in place and not be able to wiggle or fall out. If you find that one is slightly loose, and might fall out during operation, then simply hot glue it to the inner side of the X stage.


Attach X Belt To Drive Rib

Take the smaller of the two belts, align it's teeth with those on the rib, and bolt it down securely.


Attach Front And Back To Ribs

Attach the front and back pieces to the rib with the text on the outside.


Attach Top

As this piece will only fit one way, be sure the text is on the right side facing up.


Tighten It All Down

Now that the X stage is fully together, tighten all the bolts down with a 1/4 turn past hand tight.

Congratulations! Your X stage is now complete.

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