Automated Build Platform V2 0 DIY Belt

Estimated Build Time: 15 Hour

Assemble the Belt

To complete this step you will need the following tools: Kapton tape and scissors. You will also need the following parts: conveyor belt. In this step it is useful to have an extra set of hands.

Tape can sometimes be frustrating to work with because it sticks to everything. Don't worry. We've included a huge roll with your kit. If a piece of tape gets a little messed up, just cut a new piece. It's okay, we all get into sticky situations sometimes.

Wipe down both sides of your belt to remove any oil or other residue. This will help the Kapton tape stick to the belt. If thing do not stick well, wash the belt using soap and warm water; dry well.


Cut a length of Kapton tape approximately 20cm long.


Lay the tape flat with the sticky side up.

It is helpful to have a friend hold down the ends, keeping the tape taut. Alternatively, you can use two smaller pieces of tape to hold down the 20cm piece of tape.


Place the edge of the belt down the center line of the tape.

Make sure there are no air bubbles. To prevent air bubbles, roll the belt onto the tape from one end to the other.

Your result should look like this. Keep the sticky side up. The ends of the tape should extend a few centimeters beyond the edge of the belt.


Fold one end underneath.

Fold the edge of the belt with no tape under the belt as show in the image below. In this image the sticky side of the tape is facing up.


Line the untaped and taped edges up.

Take the end of the belt with no tape and fold over, so it nearly butts against the other end of the belt. Leave about a 2mm gap between the ends while matching the edges.
[TKTKTK need close shot of belt gap — replace below pic]

Complete the loop.

You should now have a loop. The tape should be on the inside of this loop with the sticky side facing out.


Crease the belt, so it easily sits fairly flat.

The sticky side of the tape should face up.

Cut another length of tape 20cm long


Tape the outer side of the belt seam.

It would be helpful to have a friend hold the belt flat.

Trim the tape, so it does not extend beyond the edge of the belt.


Bend back any creases to remove them.

Your result should look like this.

Draw a small arrow along one edge of your belt on the Kapton tape.

The arrow should point toward the acute angle. This will indicate the direction in which the belt will turn.

Tape around the edge of the belt on the side with the arrow.

Apply the tape in the direction opposite the direction the arrow points.

Keep going…


and going…


The tape should go around the belt 1-1/2 times.

This step prevents the tape's leading edge from getting caught and peeling up as the belt turns in the direction of the arrow.

Cut the tape. Make sure everything is stuck down well.

Your conveyor belt is now complete and should look like this.

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