Coolermaster Power Supply Fix

Note: The MakerBot Motherboard v2.5 does not require this fix. This issue affected v2.4 boards only.

The Problem:

The recent batches of CoolerMaster and Sparkle ATX power supplies (as well as some others, if you're using a different PSU) don't like the way our motherboards tell the board to turn on. But don't worry — we've got a solution.

Check your board to make sure that we've already applied this fix for you. Some of the 2.5 boards do - check the resistance between pins 13 and 14 before you start.

The solution:

Here is our beloved motherboard. We are going to be making a modification near the white ATX power connector on the right-hand side in this picture.


We are going to connect two pins (numbers 13 and 14) on the motherboard with a small piece of wire and some solder.


Here's the thing: we are going to make the connection on the back of the board.

Solder a small bridge between two of the pins on the power supply connector. Looking at the motherboard from the back, the pins we want will be the 3rd and 4th pins from the right on the inside row, which are circled in red. Use a piece of tinned wire or a small piece of solid wire to make the connection.


Now you're good to go — connect your electronics up normally!

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