Here's the list of things that need to be done before the thingomatic documentation is useful. Update as you fix things.


All docs should be in the thingomatic-doc category.

How to set a parent

Click on "Options" at the bottom of the page, then "Parent". Most thingomatic docs will want to use thingomatic-doc:thingomatic-assembly-instructions.

Tips for writing pages

  • Avoid the first person. It's nice and conversational, but most of the documentation is not written that way and it's distracting.
  • Never say "you may want to" or "optional". If there is something that should be done on the bot that is always beneficial, make the user do it. It will avoid support issues later.
  • If you're linking in a page to something that has stand-alone documentation, create a wrapper page and include the source page. For example, for the plastruder mk5 instructions, we have a page thingomatic-doc:plastruder-mk5-build-instructions that has "[[include plastruder-mk5-assembly]]" in its body. This gives us proper breadcrumbs without altering the source page. We can also add thingomatic-specific notes to the start or end of the page this way.
  • If you're including another page, make sure that it doesn't contain next/previous links that could confuse the user. If so, remove them. If they were really necessary in the source page, create a wrapper page that includes them.
  • Fork pages by creating a new one and copying the source. Don't be afraid to fork a page. Having a page (like "about belts") that feature pictures of parts that are not included in the thingomatic kit is confusing and frustrating to our users. Fork and update these.

Style guide

  • Headers
    • Use top-level headers (H1, indicated by a single "+") when possible. Don't make everything a second- or third-level header.
    • Capitalize the first letter of a header, leave the rest lowercase. You should only use title capitalization on the title of the page.


Outstanding TODOs


  • need gen4 electronics pictures.


  • need picture of solder all on its lonesome (hi-temp solder if we have any).


  • Parts You'll Need doesn't include bolts
  • Assemble the Body needs confirmed bolt and nut counts


  • Peacefrog's method is described, but the old method of assembly is pictured


  • Charles' "wiggle the platform" alignment method should be documented here


  • The pictures in the latter part of the document show thumbscrews attached to the M5 bolts which hold down the extruder; we no longer recommend this as it can cause platform collisions. (Reshoots marked in red) (source page is plastruder-mk5-assembly-include)


  • Last image needs reshoot with normal M5 bolts


  • needs link to cylinder on thingiverse
  • needs photo of bad cylinder


  • photo 5246132198 deleted?
  • links to axis movement troubleshooting page need to be added
  • image of triggered endstop needs to be added


  • needs picture of good raft
  • needs picture of smooshed raft
  • needs picture of loose raft
  • acrylic build surface: where's the start.txt? Should we be editing these files by hand?


  • Unless we jack them at the factory, stepper motor power calibration is not an optional step; the default is too weak. This should be moved to the electronics installation section. Most users will skip the bulk of the calibration page.

Page status

"Written" means the text has been written. "Has pictures" means that the pictures are uploaded *and up-to-date*. "Proofed" means that the page has been proofread. "Done" means that the person responsible for that part of the bot has signed off on that page.

Page written has pictures proofed done
Parts List Y Y Y N
Required Tools Y Y Y N
About nuts and bolts Y Y Y N
About timing belts Y Y Y N
Automated Build Platform V2.0 Y Y Y N
X Stage Assembly Y Y Y N
Y Stage Assembly Y Y Y N
Z Stage Assembly Y Y Y N
Body Assembly Y Y Y N
Plastruder MK5 Build Instructions Y Y Y N
Firmware Installation Y Y Y N
Generation 4 Electronics Y Y Y N
Electronics Installation Y Y Y N
Calibration Y Y Y N
Software Installation Y Y Y Y
Motherboard Firmware Update Y Y Y Y
Extruder Firmware Update Y Y Y Y
How to print Y Y Y N

"p" = partial

Photos Needed List

Parts List

  1. [Photo of the Acrylic Build Surface]
  2. [Photo of Acrylic ABP side pieces]
  3. [Photo of Endstops / cables subkit]
  4. [Photo of Generation 4 Electronics - all boards]
  5. [Photo of Gen4 Cables/Hookups/Accessories usb, power, endstop cables, etc.]
  6. [Photo of parts for Z-stage showing the flange ON the motor]
  7. [2 Photo of cables in proper positions for firmware update]

Doc Build Progress

Automated Build Platform v2.0

  • We accidentally snapped an inner side piece attempting to seat the self-aligning bearings. Sanding now listed as required.
  • Bre's suggestion for hot glue to hold in bearings
  • We broke one of the top front catches on the acrylic side pieces of the ABP and had to get a second part. We are investigating suggestions to prevent this issue.
  • TODO Hardware audit for ABP v2

Y-Stage Build Progress

  • Have now flipped the Y-stage for expected "Front" orientation, and discovered we needed to flip the X-stage belt (added that change to ABP so far). — Will follow through to make sure all orientations meet the new Zach-standards.
  • Much more straight forward now that orientation stuff has been resolved.

Z-Stage Build Progress

  • finished z

Body Assembly Progress

  • We made the mistake of flipping left and right sides. Will think about what instruction/photo would help customers not make this mistake.
  • Found some tricks to help slide on the z-stage more easily: "pro tip" to press the zstage against the top panel and slowly work the rods down through both channels.
  • Finished body assembly.

Electronics Assembly Progress

We are currently using images and Nick's notes to complete this stage so we can have a working bot — and then will sit down and write descriptions and steps for what is not yet written.

Plastruder MK5

We are doing this stage simultaneous with electronics.

Other todos

  • link nuts&bolts reference thing from Thingiverse after Andrew submits it there (check Wed)
  • confirm complete parts list with zach post doc build
  • check with cpax re: acrylic v wood sidepanels for ABP 2.0
  • Currently X-stage choice launch page says "you can build both acrylic and abp" — but unless 4 new self-aligning bearings are added to the kit this isn't true.
  • Check to make sure hotglue added to right pages (along with pics)
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