Thing-O-Matic Parts List

Unboxing Your Thing-O-Matic

Each Thing-O-Matic kit contains the following:

  • Thing-O-Matic Hardware Burrito
  • Thing-O-Matic Belt Pulley Kit
  • Thing-O-Matic Laser Cut Parts Kit
  • ATX power supply
  • Plastruder MK5 - Thing-O-Matic Now MK6 Plus!
  • Thing-O-Matic ABP v2.0 Kit
  • Generation 4 Electronics Kit
  • Thing-O-Matic Motor Pack
  • Thing-O-Matic Drive Rod Kit
  • One pound of natural ABS.

Note: The Thing-O-Matic 120mm Fan Kit has been removed from the standard kit and is suggested as an add-on only for venting for experimental toolheads and similar, not for normal operation with a Plastruder toolhead.

Thing-O-Matic Hardware Burrito

The Hardware Burrito contains most of the nuts and bolts. This kit includes: Thing-O-Matic M3x16mm hardware, Thing-O-Matic M4 hardware kit, one bag of spacers, two bags of bolts, one bag of wrenches, and four rubber feet.

Check out Thing 5066 on for a handy reference you can print or lasercut to help you identify your hardware:

Belts & Bearings Kit Contents

Here are the contents of the Belts & Bearings Kit

Identify your Belts

The Thing-O-Matic uses timing belts to move the build platform. Timing belts are belts made of reinforced rubber with teeth molded onto the inside, which mesh with slots in pulleys. Thing-O-Matic uses continuous belts 6mm in width, with 2mm between teeth (the GT2 drive system).

The belts we use have silkscreened part numbers which include the number of teeth on the belt. For example, this belt has the code: GATES GT 2MR193 2655MC. The number after the "R" indicates the number of teeth on the belt. In this example, the belt has 193 teeth.

Thing-O-Matics ship with a 228-tooth x-axis timing belt as well as a 272-, 267-, or 265-tooth y-axis timing belt. Make sure to check the numbers carefully before trimming a belt. (Should you need to do so.)


Thing-O-Matic Kit organized into build stages

Automated Build Platform Laser Cut Parts

Note: The two Acrylic parts shown in the photo covered in brown paper are now located in main lasercut parts package, and the wooden versions have been removed. Don't be alarmed — just double-check for the acrylic side pieces in the main lasercut box.


Heated Build Platform Laser Cut Parts


X-Stage Parts & Hardware


Y-Stage Parts & Hardware


Z-Stage Parts & Hardware


Thing-O-Matic Body Laser Cut Parts

Note: The body's left side has been replaced with an open-window side just like the right, so don't worry if your kit looks slightly different. This is a neat upgrade because you have better access to your prints, and even more angles to take awesome pictures of stuff.


Fan Mount & Hardware

(Note: These parts are now obsolete and listed for reference only.)

Generation 4 Electronics


Thingiverse Parts List

Next Step: Gather Your Tools

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