Stepper Motion

My axes won't move!

  1. Shut down ReplicatorG and turn off power to the bot.
  2. Try moving the problematic axis by hand. (If it's the Z axis, turn the screw by hand.) It should move without too much force being applied. If it doesn't:
    1. check that your belt isn't super-tight.
    2. apply machine oil to the bearing rods on that axis.
    3. try wiggling the platform to align the bearings. See the "align the bearings" section of the body assembly page.
  3. If the axis moves freely, then:
    1. check that your stepper motor for that axis is plugged into a stepper controller
    2. check that there is a power connector plugged into the stepper controller
    3. check that there is a 6-pin ribbon cable connected from the stepper controller to the appropriate socket on the motherboard
      • You may want to try swapping cables with another axis to make sure your cable is good.
  4. If you're still having trouble, see the next item.

There's a grinding noise when my axes move/I'm losing steps!

  1. Shut down ReplicatorG and turn off power to the machine.
  2. Try oiling and aligning the bearings, as in the previous item.
  3. Try increasing the power on the offending axis by following the directions on the calibration page.

Automated Build Platform

I can turn the belt on from the control panel, but the belt doesn't move when I turn on the build platform heater (or the belt turns on and off intermittently)

The most likely cause is that you've hooked up your heated build platform backwards. See the heated build platform heater section of the electronics installation document for an illustration of the correct connections.

Where to Get Help

There are a few different places where people can help you out.
The Thing-O-Matic support forum is a good place to start, or you can email if you need immediate, personalized help.

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