Thing-O-Matic X Stage Assembly

Building the X Stage should take approximately 30 minutes.

Parts List

These are the parts you'll need to assemble the X Stage. All laser-cut parts should have their names etched into them. Find and put aside these parts:

  • Laser-cut Stage Parts
    • X Front
    • X Back
    • X Top
    • X Drive Rib
    • X Idler Rib
    • X Clamps
  • Sixteen M3x16 socket cap bolts
  • Sixteen M3 nuts
  • Four 3/8" self-aligning bearings
  • 228-tooth continuous timing belt (the short one) or cut down a larger belt (read number silkscreened onto belt before trimming - we offer 272-, 267-, and 265-tooth timing belts)

The M3 hardware is found in the Hardware Burrito, and the bearings and belt are found in the Belt & Pulley kit.

Sand the belt channels

Place the Idler rib into the back and front to help identify the area that must be sanded. Sand only the larger of the two gaps approximately 1 mm deep as shown. This will provide clearance for the belt as it moves through this gap.


Sand both pieces.


Insert Press Fit Bearings

Set the X Front and X Back laser-cut pieces in front of you with text facing up. Snap two self-aligning bearings to the holes of both the Front and Back pieces.

The linear bearings will slide in snugly most of the way, but won't snap in until they are flush against the wood panel. If they won't snap in, grab a scrap of spare wood and use that to press the bearing in until you hear it snap.


Attach X Belt to Rib

This belt will be the smaller of the two. Secure it tight with two M3x16 bolts in each clamp. Due to the variance in wood thickness, we started shipping on Jan 1st, 2 extra low profile M3x16 bolts to avoid interference with the rods. Use the low profile bolts on the lower holes if necessary.


Attach Front and Back to Ribs

Make sure the text of each is facing outward as you secure them to both ribs.


Attach Top to Assembly

The Top piece will only fit one way. Be sure the text is to the right facing up as you bolt it down.


Tighten it All Down

Now that it's all together, tighten all the bolts with 1/4- to 1/3-turns past hand tight.

Attach Acrylic Build Surface and Add Nozzle Wiper


The Acrylic Build Surface bolts on to the wooden top piece on the four corners. Put the bolts holding the platform on upside-down and add three nuts. One between the X–Y stage to hold the bolt tight, one above that to level the platform, and one on top to hold the platform tight. To level the platform, just remove the top nuts, adjust the middle nuts on the four corners until the platform is level, then replace the top nuts. Thanks to Peacefrog for this method.

Congratulations! Your X Stage is now complete!

Next Step: Y Stage Assembly

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