Unicorn Tutorials

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A "scaffolded" series of tutorials for guiding the novice MakerBot Unicorn Pen Plotter user from first principles to advanced topics and combined techniques for pushing this Uni-que tool to the limit.

October 2010 Unicorn Tutorials

MakerBot Unicorn Tutorial #01 Vector-based Drawing Walkthrough

Walkthrough of process of creating "MakerBot Exploded Diagram" from a line drawing.

MakerBot Unicorn Tutorial #02: MakerBot Giveaway Stickers/Basic Hatching

Walkthrough of process of creating "MakerBot Sticker" from imported Adobe Illustrator file. Additionally, basic tutorial for adding hatching/crosshatching in Inkscape.

MakerBot Unicorn Tutorial #03: Tracing Bots/Printing Bots

MakerBot Unicorn Tutorial #04: A Hackable Animation Project

Other Unicorn Tutorials

Please add summaries and links to any new Unicorn or Pen Plotting related tutorials you have written elsewhere!

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