Using A Hammer To Install Threaded Inserts

Take the Right side lasercut piece along with your hammer as well as either the ibottom & iback, or any other scrap wood/material.
Note: I use the ibottom & iback as a bridge, to simply raise the Right side off the surface (this will be more clear further down)


First, simply place the Right lasercut piece on a surface, ENSURING THAT THE WORDING IS FACING UP, and then lightly hammer the threaded insert into place until the bottom-most part is touching the surface.


The threaded insert should have been able to be pushed about this far:


Then, using the ibottom & iback as a bridge, place the Right lasercut piece over the bridge so that the bridge gap is just wide enough to fit the part of the insert that is about to be hammered further in. (too large of a gap between the bridge may break the lasercut piece when it is hammered)
Here is where you may want to use a different material if you do not want the ibottom/iback to become dented.


Again, softly hammer the threaded insert as far as it will go. Clearly, if the insert is not going in far enough, hit it harder - however you do not want to be using so much force so that you are going to break the piece.

The threaded insert should now be as far into the wood as possible


During the process you may notice that the bridge pieces were slightly dented. No worries, these pieces are mainly covered and will not be seen! However, if you would like all pieces to be in perfect condition, use another material as your bridge


The next step is to bend down the four prongs on the threaded insert. This will keep the threaded insert in place even if it is bumped into while on a tripod.
You will eventually want the prongs to look as follows:


I found it fairly easy to use one of the 16mm bolts as a middle piece between the prong and the hammer:


Hammer enough so that the prongs are bent slightly into the wood. Again, it should looks as follows:


Finally, once the prongs are bent down slightly, you can add super glue to the four spaces with the prong ends. This will give the inserts even more security within the wood.


Repeat this entire process with the base plate:


Now continue with the rest of the assembly!

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