Using Pliers To Install Threaded Inserts

One insert fits onto the right laser cut piece, and the other onto the projector base plate. Both are assembled in the same manner

First, take one threaded insert and the projector base plate:

MAKING SURE THAT THE BASE PLATE IS FACING UPWARDS (so that the wording is facing upwards), LIGHTLY push the insert into the middle circular cut out with four cut out spaces surrounding it. The insert should fit about half way into the spaces easily. The wording should be facing the same direction as the "cleaner" side of the threaded insert, so that the end that is sticking out is facing the bottom of the base plate (without wording)

After pushing in the insert by hand, you may now need a large wrench to push it in all the way. Try to evenly push in the insert on each side as the top [head] reaches the wood surface.


Now that the threaded insert top is flush with the wood, the four prongs of the insert should sticking out about a millimeter or so on the bottom side of the projector plate.
Take your wrench and squeeze both sides of the threaded insert so that one end is touching the prong and the other is touching the flat side of the insert. This should essentially "flatten out" the prong end of the insert.
-NOTE: you want to flatten the prongs a good amount so that the insert is secure, HOWEVER, do not squeeze so hard that you are breaking the plywood. I suggest maybe making a slight dent in the plywood, but nothing more!


Do this on all four sides of the insert so that all of the prongs are bent. This will help prevent the Cyclops from detaching from the tripod (even if it is bumped into etc…)

The wood may be dented around the prongs due to the previous step.

Finally, once the prongs are bent down slightly, you can add super glue to the four spaces with the prong ends. This will give the inserts even more security within the wood.


Now continue with the rest of the assembly!

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