This is a page to document experiments and settings and fantasies for a build platform wiper.
Many details mined/trimmed from responses on http://groups.google.com/group/makerbot. (mifga)

Experiments in Progress

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Skeinforge Code Hooks

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Fantasies, Dreams, Aspirations

  • Servo-Driven Wiper (Cathal Garvey from googlegroup)
    • If you were using Glass and PLA, you could do that! And with a little servo-driven "wiper" at one corner, you could achieve what Makerbot crew have been thinking of for ages; mass production of parts with fully automated part removal!
    • I'd construct a thin glass interface on top of a metal plate with a ring of nichrome, with a Peltier plate beneath, and another metal plate as a heatsink beneath that again. It'd be a fat setup, but if it worked it'd allow you to churn out identical parts in really short order using just a little extra Gcode to control your platform and wiper.
    • Process:
      1. Nichrome-heat platform, print on the hot glass with PLA.
      2. As part finishes, rapidly cool platform to "pop off" the PLA.
      3. Move stage to rear right of chamber, have a little servo sweep the piece out the back of the Makerbot case. You could also rig up a mechanical setup with a hinged platform so that when the platform hits the rear of the chamber, it levers up and drops the part.
      4. Heat up platform again, return to 0, resume printing next part.
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